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Well guess what!,Since 0:00am GMT today Kevs Classic Games has officially been opened for one whole year and what a year it has been. I was begining to think that this site was cursed after 5 companies the files were hosted on closed down(including myspace, freedrive and i-space). After that i started putting them up on geocities only to have the accounts deleted about 7 times. Not only that now 2 rings have closed on days somthing important has happened on this site (the  RoA closed the day after i joined and the ACring closed today).Since it's a day of celebration here today i will be adding games through out the day starting with "Cruise For A Corpse"  and "Centurion: Defender Of Rome"
2nd update:i've put up a preview of the new site design here so tell me what you think. Capone was added

Hi!,I've just got back from my easter break and i feel like i can handle anything(until i go back to school of course).Anyhow i just thought i should let you all know that i have just about finished the new design i just need a nice blue banner for the top of the page and a reviewer to review some of the games and i'll be ready to unveil it to the general public. If you would like to come and work here as a reviewer or even desin me a banner for the new design mail me or contact me of IRC (i ussually just float around under the name Ze_Ripper). I've replaced the reviews with the older ones from geocities,but i haven't been able to get round to adding any games i might add a few later on, but for now i have to bring my stuff in from the back of the car.

Well i'm back!, but don't start parting yet because i haven't been able to add any more games yet. While i was away i have been working on a great new design (well great compared to my last ones) for the site. Hopefully it will be complete in the next few week's, anyway i am looking for somebody who is willing to work on the site adding reviews + screenshots for the games i upload.  This is basically because i have very little time on my hands nowadays with my exams coming up in a few months.They even want me to go to school during my Easter holiday's (THIS IS NOT A JOKE) can you belive that?.Anyway to get back to the point if you want a job here on kcg email me at

Hello again, well i tried to update yesterday but i kept timeing out so heres a small update today. Ive added both alter ego games because i recived an e-mail with reviews for them. I've also found some space to back up the games because i'm using all the bandwidth (and nearly all the space) on my geocities account.

Second update: Well aren't you lucky two updates in one day. I've just added four more games (7 cities of gold, Block Breaker, Space Empires 2 and Transport Tycoon) and more quotes.If anybody else would like to send me some reviews i'd be more than happy to add them to the site (and of course you'd recive the ceredit for your work)

Well i'm back!!!. My computer became fucked up again thankz to my little brothers, so i've been stuck here with out a net connection since before christmas. I haven't had a chance to add any more games just yet but i've put up the new section's for the site (Morton, Quotes and Jokes. The jokes have been moved to a page of thery own). I should be able to update more often now that my prelims are finished.
well i'm away to catch up the recent happenings.

Hey i've managed to fit in another update (which is amazing seem i've got loads of homework and stuff to do). Anyway heres what i've got for you today. I've got 2 new (old) games Centurion Defender Of Rome and Rockstar.The review for Centurion will be put up as soon as i get time to go online again.There is also a few new Jokes for you.

Right i'm back with a big friday update.I've had a ton of H/W to do so i haven't been able to update i'm afraid. Anyway heres what i've got for you:

* i've re-added some games
* i've added one app (Turbo)
* a brand new jokes section (only a few of my fav's just now)
* A new forum (at least until boardnation starts working again)

And for anybody whos interested i'm thinking about adding a section for Quotes and my beloved Morton(they should be up very soon.

just to let you know i'm still alive i've been busy trying to get the forum back (it was deleted),and that some downloads will be available in about 3 days at the most sorry about taking so long(i've been behind a pile of homework all week).
I still haven't been able to get anyone to help out here,but i'll keep looking

So what do you think of the new design?. Maybe this one will last a bit longer than the old ones.The new design wasn't what i planned (my htlm design was crap) but i like it anyway. i've narrowed down the pages to home(list of new games here),news(as you can see), games (of course), apps(you'll need 'em),resources (where else would you get started),extras (for fun)and links (incase you don't like the site)
The downloads should be back in a few days but i've put up links to other sites were you can find the games.
The extras section should have more stuff added in the next few days, and i'm still trying to talk people into helping out here once in a while but they don't think the sites good enough for them
C U l8er Ripper


Disclaimer: Kevs Classic Games does not claim rights to any software on the site. To the best of my knowledge, these titles have been discontinued by their publishers. If you know otherwise, please contact me and i will remove them right away. Thankz for your attention.